Does it REALLY mean that the SRD Grant of R350 will increase to R700?

False Hope: R350 SRD Grant Increase to R700 Debunked

Many recipients of the R350 SRD Grant were led to believe SASSA would increase this grant by R700 in the coming year. This was fake news. It circulated on social media but never came from SASSA.

350 status check

Clarification on SRD Grant Increase

You can receive R700 as a SRD grant, but only if you were eligible for it two months ago. Since then you have not received any payment. It’ll be R350 per month for two months. This will equal R700 in SRD grant.

Vigilance Required: Verifying Social Media News

Be sure to check the source of any news you find on social media before believing it. Contact the SASSA department. Scammers are very inventive in grabbing your attention and obtaining your personal information.

Support for Millions: SASSA SRD Grant

The SASSA SRD Grant supports more than 8 million South Africans in their efforts to fight unemployment and provide financial assistance to those in need.

Financial Realities: Government Expenses

At this time, the government cannot increase its grant because of other expenses such as employee salaries that make up about 60% of their total expenditures.

Grant Expiry and Hope for Extension

The grant will expire on March 20, 2024. We hope the government will extend the grant and make it permanent under the new rules for applicants who qualify.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to stay informed from reliable sources and not fall for misinformation on social media platforms. While the R350 SRD Grant increase to R700 was a false rumor, the reality remains that the grant continues to be a vital support system for millions of South Africans.

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